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If you read the report 200 of the Henry Kissinger report on overpopulation and all the ways to get rid of overpopulation and they want to get rid of 4.5 billion people. They do it through medical injections and poisoning the food source. Those are the plans in that document and the NSA adopted them in the 1960s. So, they've been behind that plan ever since. The only way we can protect ourselves is get farmers growing food specifically for us and then to make sure they're out of the government pit, can't get Sharon out of it.


Is it a lot of paperwork?


It's very little paperwork. It's two simple contracts, easy as that.


Why can't she do it? She's got no time?


She's got Sally Fallon's attorneys telling her one thing and me telling her another Sally Fallon's lost a lot of battles. I have not lost one in court. Cause they have no jurisdiction, but you have to understand attorneys make a pledge and vow to the court. They don't make it to the constitution. So, your attorneys will never work if a judge debars them, it's the end of it.


What's Sharon not doing?


She's not entering a contract, she wants to sell at farmer's markets and do all that to the general public and if she does that, she has to make everybody she sells to a member of the club if she wants to be out in the commercial end of it. And she cannot sell anybody that is not a member of the club, so she wants it both ways, so she can't have it.


But she's selling at 15 markets.


That's not enough, with this new acquisition of property, there's no way she can sustain that property. She's gonna go bankrupt.


Well, I hope not.


She's going to go bankrupt if she's relying upon those 15 markets for her income, there's no way she can make that kind of money. The debt is too outrageous.

And I warned everybody. I warned everybody who got involved in it, don't do it, she's not set up for it, She doesn't know what she's doing.


So, what is James gonna do if she goes bankrupt?


Who knows what James will do, James is off on his trip too.

I'm successful, yet these people, it's like your own family, how your own family doesn't listen to you. My own family doesn't listen to me.





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