Germ Warfare


germ warfare



Well, from what I have, my research on the those particular germ warfare, you have to inhale the powder directly.

Exhalations from anybody else won't be a problem, but it's the alkaloids and the poisons which create the problem.

It's not really the smallpox virus or the smallpox bacteria or germ, so to speak, that is not the problem because it's not alive, it's dead.

It's the alkaloids that are associated with it, which are poisoned when you inhale it.

So you have to be around where the gas power is directly involved.

Now I got that information who someone who worked for the military and was in that division and he said if you don't inhale it with two 2 1/2 minutes of the explosion, you'll never be affected.

And there's no spreading.

He said, that's all bullshit again, to scare you and to build the military budget.

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