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So similar illness. Now, if the drug theory doesn't apply, how does it apply coincidentally? 


It's not coincidentally, let's say that food had been like the Jack In The Box incident, they didn't clean out at the factory when they were grinding the meat. They did not clean out benzene out of the grinders properly. So, when the meat got through that whole 225-pound block of ground beef was affected with that benzene. Who are they going to blame it on though? What happens when you put poisons in the body, create bacteria to eat the degenerative tissue. So, of course you're always going to find salmonella or E. coli or campylobacter in the presence of degenerative tissue. 

So, instead of saying the benzene created the damage to the cells, it caused the reaction from the body to use bacteria to break down that tissue, they point right to the bacteria as the cause. It's not the cause, it's the chemical that's the cause. If it was a bacteria, man would have gone to become extinct a long time ago. 

We haven't had refrigeration for about a hundred years. I mean, I remember when I was still a kid, they were bringing blocks of ice in the farm. So, bacteria has been with us a long time and like I said in my milk report. They used to feed babies in the hospitals who were highly contaminated and diseased milk that was 300 million parts pathogens. 300 million parts, they only allow 10 of them into milk now. 10 parts they allow, and they were feeding infants who were getting well who had some kind of disease they were feeding them 300 million parts. 


When was this? 


About 60-70 years ago. 

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