Gay People Drugs, HIV, and Cirrhosis









Exactly! It's the last-ditch savior for the liver. 

Because they use so many chemical drugs that damage the liver, that's why the war department used aids on them. Aids was created in the laboratories of UCLA in 61 and 62. They were creating it to create cancer in animals, so they could study cancer. That information was given to the war department. 

All of a sudden in the late sixties and seventies, it started turning up mainly in the gay community, 90% in the gay community because the gay community was using poppers, which is amyl nitrate to bring you out of a seizure if you go into a heart attack, They were using speed, methadone, all kinds of drugs, damaging their livers terribly. 

So, they'd get severe hepatitis because they got so much degenerative tissue in their livers, they'd have to acquire some kind of radical detoxification to save the liver and the hepatitis was it. So, they infected the hepatitis B vaccine that was given to 90% homosexuals. Houston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York city documented by Stryker, and I mentioned the book in my first book, called the "Bio-Attack Alert". 

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