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Then drops malathion and stay out of the air for about 30 hours. Try not to go out, unless you're wearing a mask. I keep one in my car. I keep an Israeli gas mask in my car. It's got two compound filters, so I look like I'm fly. 

I cover my entire face. An army surplus story is where I get them. They're cheaper there. Y2K, they were selling like, normally they're $19, and then during Y2K, they were selling the same thing for $50, $55. 


Why do you have that? 


If there were some kind of chemical spill like malathion and I'm outside or in my car. 

I keep it in my car. I also keep one in the house just in case. $40 for two of them.  


Do they remove poisonous gases? 


It helps because they they're compound filters. So, you've got HEPA filters and you've got charcoal filters and they're compound, they're about eight layers for each canister on each side.  


Do you wear them for driving? 


In Asia, the Asians don't mind. They're not as ego centered as we are or vain and a lot of 'em go around with masks on. When I'm in Asia and I'm on the highway there, or whether I'm in a car or on a bus, or on a motorcycle, I'm wearing a mask. 

Because they use diesel, too much diesel and that's a lot of worse.  


They have bandanas all around their face. 


They make these things like this and they go around your ears and you just breathe right through it. I mean, it's not compounded, it's not for gas.  


You couldn't bring one out there to here. You could buy one, and bring it home? 


If you got a problem here, you want a compound one to filter out gas. That mainly filters out particles, it doesn't filter out gas. 


I'm talking about air pollution.  


It will help filter out the heavy particles, but not the gas.  


We have a couple of those gas masks, I forget, how long does the filter last? We've been told anywhere for two hours to... 


Well, it depends on what you're exposed to.  


I just wear it when I'm painting and stuff.  


Well, if you're painting, they'll last probably couple of weeks, about eight hours a day.  

If you're actually in some tear gas they're gonna last you maybe an hour and a half. 

What it does is stops cleaning and then the gas starts affecting you, but these were made for gas masks. For military gas and gas bombs. 

So, the epidemics and all of that, it's mainly pollution. You don't hear it with native tribes, unless somebody's come in and poisoned their environment, coming down with any kind of disease that knocks them out. 

It was a play that was put on at the [unclear] in the early seventies. He was a British writer in Brazil and he was investigating it and he was in the bars in Brazil when these people were coming in, paying them $1,500 a week to slaughter as many natives out in they're in the Amazon as possible. and poisoning them.  

That's a commercial warfare, business warfare. Business is just like a government. If they want to overpower and they want to take possession of resources and property, it means killing people, getting rid of them, especially the welfare classes. 

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