white blood cells




What about the gangrene that they said you might get? I don't get how gangrene comes into this.


Gangrene is a mold that your body can use to break down toxicity. It's a favorable thing, unless you're so toxic and you're not taking care of yourself, not eating raw. The gangrene can take over a leg or take over a body part, but for some reason, urine destroys gangrene. I just didn't want to deal with the smell of it. If I were on my own and not traveling and working, I'd let the gangrene do it's work, but I can't cause I'd reek nd stink. This probably would've been over weeks ago if I'd let the gangrene do it.

Remember, pus is white blood cells arresting toxins and leaving the body, that's a wonderful thing. Of course, you have to replace the white blood cells, just like you'd have to replace red blood cells, and that's all done in the bone marrow and it takes a lot of nutrients and energy to do that.

So, it's best not to lose white cells, but the white cells are phagocytes, they eat toxicity and they escort them out of the body, so puss is a good thing. Of course, doctors want you to believe just the opposite, they want you to be in panic about everything.

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