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We have a gallbladder only when we were primitive. When we'd slaughter an animal, we'd eat sometimes 50 pounds in two days of meat with lots of fat and eat all the fat first. Your liver cannot produce enough bile to digest that much fat in a 48-to-72-hour period. So, the gallbladder for when we were primitive and add, eat a tremendous amount of fat and meat at one time. 

If you ate two pounds of meat with about probably a half a cup of butter a day with probably two dozen eggs, your liver, even if it has a stone in it, can produce enough bile to handle that much food. Your liver produces enough, doesn't have to store it in the gallbladder. 

That's just a reserve. That's why people can have their gallbladders removed and there's no problem. 


Can you break them down? 


If they're made from soy chips and soy foods, no. They turn as hard as stone and there's nothing I can do to dissolve it. Normally you could take some sparkling water, some lemons, some vinegar, and some clay and mix that together, and with some kind of coconut cream or olive oil and it'll break up stones. 

But when they're made from soy products, they're as hard as rock. Can't break them up. That's why James had to have the bladder surgery cause his stones, they had to blast his stones with more force than that surgeon had blasted anybody's before in his life. And this surgeon's not a young man and they had to blast with a laser.  

His stones took 50 times more blast than they've ever had to utilize, and James was a vegetarian for 30 years. He lived on soy chips. 


What are soy chips? Are they potato chips? 


Potato chips are made from soy and boiled in soy oil, it's like rock big.  


They're pushing them. Even at Whole Foods, a lot of soy products.  


Absolutely, big money. 





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