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Before I gained like 34 pounds, and then I started experimenting with the weight loss bit.  

I gained 34, but I noticed since the time that I started- it didn't happen all the sudden, I started losing the excess fat that was in my body, and especially the last one I started to get so stressed out. My libido was really down, it just changed me. 

Before I was feeling like really happy, I started fighting the person I was involved with and it was just such a change just from doing that. 

So, my question was, instead of doing the weight loss, should I just stay the same? 


When people are thin, I never suggest that they go on a weight loss. 

I don't care if it takes five years. 


Even after 34 pounds? 


No, she gained fine, but I'm talking about some other people.  

You just keep pushing and pushing, pushing until they finally develop. 

Again, the reason for that is if you don't have excess fat and you have poisons in the body, you always have poisons in the body, that'll go into the fat instead of your live active cells. You don't want them there cause that's gonna cause damage. 

Continue on the weight gain. 

You're still too thin. You're not even up to your lowest. You've got 10 more pounds, and then from there at least 12, 15 pounds above that, then think about going on a weight loss. 

It takes time. Sometimes the liver's just not well enough to be able to digest and handle the fats or you're so toxic that your body's using all the fats to detoxify and burn.  

We're talking about thin people; we're not talking about fat people. Those fat people are still healthier because the toxins are going into their fat and they're not damaging their cells. They're not feeding those live cells very well, but at least they're protecting them with all that fat. 

And let me tell you, the people who are happier and more level headed are the people who are obese that come to me and go on the diet. People who are very thin are the ones that are basket cases. 


Even if they got fat from like carbs.  


Even if it's from that, those fats still bind with those poisons. 

[Attendee #2] 

They're not the healthiest. 


No, no, no. I'm saying usually the person has more equilibrium.  


Is there a point where it can be bad? 


Yeah, it can be, if you don't have enough proteins and you're damaging your cells. Yeah, definitely. 

If you're not feeding the heart protein and you've got all this excess. weight. You're putting stress on the heart. You'll damage it. 

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