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Instinctive diet, you only eat what smells good to you. How often does raw meat smell good? It doesn't, so these people eat 60 %to 80% fruits, and they just start wiping the fat out of their body and demineralizing. She died six months after starting that diet died, she lost all this weight. 

Elnora Van winkel. She was the one that wrote The Biology of Emotions.  


I saw Daniel and he looked really thin and dry skin. I couldn't recognize him. 


Daniel went another way, but you get to see. It's good because you get to see what it does.  


Why didn't Kimberly recover? She was 100% raw. 


She never could gain enough weight.  


Pretty good. Pretty chunky.  


She needed more weight. She had thallium all in her body. 

We're talking about a woman who was pretty skinny when she went on the diet, pretty sick, and she got breast cancer. She went on the diet very strictly, gained about 27 pounds, when you're that skinny 27 pounds is okay.  

She didn't gain that much fat. I wish she had, probably about 7 or 8 pounds less than you are, but she put it on compared to what she was. She was stocky, she carried it thickly all over, and then when she started dissolving the tumors in her body, she started doing like all people who have cancer when it starts dissolving the dead cells in the body, the chemicals that are in those dead cells that have killed those cells that have caused the accumulation of the dead cells that is tumor and cancer, they dissolve with it. 

And you better have a lot of nutrients to handle that cause you vomit and you vomit and you have diarrhea, and if you don't have enough fat on you, you will not catch up. You'll get behind, and it was just to the point where the breast cancer was going away. Two weeks before she died, all the breast cancer had resolved, but it had gone to the liver. 

So, the liver was highly contaminated. So, I took one of her vomits and had it analyzed for $2,200 for one vomit, per vomit, and I had several of them analyzed. The head of the lab called me and said, "Somebody's poisoning your patient". And I said, "What are you talking about"? He said, "She has 3000 times the lethal dose of thallium in her vomit". 

And I said she was a jewelry maker. She never used a mask and she never wore gloves. Seven years of inhaling burned thallium and all the other heavy metals and getting it into her skin never using gloves. It absorbed into her liver and into her breast on the right side.  

It's too poisonous, she didn't have enough fat. If she had had, let's say another 10 pounds, she probably could have made it through the liver detoxification like she did the breast detoxification, but it's too late for her. She just didn't gain enough weight. She couldn't eat, when you were vomiting like that you can't eat. 





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