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Yes, frozen shoulder or bursitis. Are they similar? Are they same? Do you have any?


A frozen shoulder and bursitis. A frozen shoulders when minerals build up and circulation is blocked. Vinegar with vegetable juice is very good for removing that. For someone your size, you could use 1.5 teaspoons twice daily, morning, and about 5:00PM. And the best way to take that vinegar is to take about drink about two to three ounces of your vegetable juice. Then mix your vinegar with just a small amount, like one to two ounces of the juice, drink that, and then drink the rest of the juice.

If you have bursitis, bursitis are little bitty sacks of fluid that are very concentrated, in hormones, like cortisone. The little bursas, they exist in all near almost all the major joints. When they get inflamed, they're extremely painful, excruciatingly painful. The best way to resolve bursitis is with the moisturizing/lubrication formula spaced throughout the day, drinking a couple tablespoons, every couple of hours with an egg just by itself even. Cheese or egg,

But the frozen shoulder is a mineral caking buildup, can be from lactic acid, uric acid mineral crystals, doesn't matter. You're just not cleaning out the joints.


Would it be the same or is there a difference between, like if you can't lift your arm.


If you have a bursitis, you're gonna have an inflamed bursa, which is right here, and it will be in so much pain. They're different, completely different. One takes care of the buildup is vinegar. The bursa is moisturizing/lubrication formula.

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