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When I did experiments with animals and fed them frozen meats, they all got skin disorders within six weeks. I had two groups. The animals that I fed the same meat that wasn't frozen, had no disorders. I didn't feed them water, anything. They only ate the meat for that 6 - 10 week period.

Then all of the animals who got the skin disorder, one even got scabies. I took those animals and I split them in half and fed them half raw butter and half frozen butter. The same butter, some of it frozen, some of it unfrozen. The animals that I gave the frozen butter to took five times longer to heal their skin disorder.

So, freezing does affect it. I don't care what Sally Fallon or anybody else says, they have never done the experiments I have. So don't freeze anything.

Well, you can just freeze fruits, nothing harms fruits.




Cheese. You don't wanna freeze cheese.




Well, if you get arctic fish, that's okay.


Everything comes down frozen from the boats.


As long as it's an arctic fish.

Do you have a question?

[Attendee #2]

I do. I just have a note for that because you said the dog had psoriasis. I've been feeding it just the stuff from the supermarket, like natural Tyson or whatever.


It could be frozen.

[Attendee #2]

They freeze it. It looks like it's fresh, but it's probably frozen now that you said that.

Is that why he's got the skin problems?



[Attendee #2]

And should you take the skin off?

They shouldn't have the skin.


Right. And you can't give them frozen meats.

[Attendee #3]

Previously frozen, but they'll say fresh.


Well, there are others that don't say that. They say fresh.

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