Frozen Meat Is Cured With Raw Butter

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Eating raw butter, good raw butter, unfrozen butter. It will help reverse the bad effects of frozen meats, so only with the animals that I fed the raw frozen meats had the skin disorder and when I fed them raw butter.

I took that group that had the skin disorder split them into and fed them raw butter, frozen and nonfrozen. Cause I know that raw butter will reverse any kind of skin condition over a period of time and depending upon quality of the butter, of course. So, the animals that I fed the frozen butter took five times longer to heal their skin condition than the ones that ate the non frozen raw butter.

You have to take a look at that. Sally Fallon and her stuff about freezing your meat gets rid of the parasites. Show me a parasite in the first place. There are no parasites in it, unless you let them sit and rot for a while, of course parasites are gonna eat. The parasites are not toxic parasites. They eat the meat to digested and to recycle the meat, and it happens in us, great. They just make our job easier at digestion.





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