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Your fat molecule is very sensitive, when you start frying it, you damage your ability to breed stem cells in the body.

Without stem cells, you don't grow very well. If anything's deformed, it will remain deformed. Everybody knows what stem cells are? Stem cells are a fatty cell that can become any kind of a cell. It can become a brain, neuron, or it can become a liver or pancreas, or muscle tissue. It can become whatever it wants at the time it enters wherever it is.

It enters the heart, become a heart cell. The body needs arteries instead of a heart cell, it will build an arterial cell.

Such a small amount once you're over 21 years old, very small.

That's why a company one of my patients owns called Thera Vitae take the stem cells from the blood and culture only the stem cells, so you get concentration of them and they inject them in the heart.

I've talked with the physicians there because, they're in the office, all of them and even consultants, all of them, the doctor, and they inject 30 - 40 injections in a heart during the procedure of injecting and the report that I got about a month ago from the physicians who were responsible for the heart patients before they came to Thera Vitae, said that their observation of their patients who had the stem cell injections that the effects after a year and a half were still working. It still showed progress in the unusual healing of the heart and surrounding area.

One doctor said that a persons pancreas that was beyond borderline diabetic that it healed his pancreas. It went into his heart, but after a year it started affecting the other gland.


Do they do it into the liver or anything else?


They don't do it right now, they're talking about doing more this year, more organs in other parts of the body, they're gonna start that this year, I think in August or July. But right now, it's strictly heart.


So, you think that's quite a good thing to do?


It's a wonderful thing.

It's a persons own cells and bred their own blood. What we're thinking about doing is getting the people to come to the Primal Diet Health Center first for a few weeks to a month before they have this done, so that blood is really good and rich and healthy and then breeding it in that blood serum should even increase and then those 20% that it doesn't work for, this will probably increase their ability to be able to utilize the stem cells.

Stem cell can become any cell.

They're fat cells. We have fat cells all throughout the blood, white blood cells.


A stem cell is a fat cell?


It's a type of fat cell. It's a type of white blood cell, but they are differentiated in that they can become any cell.

White blood cells are called the defenders because fat can absorb toxins without being damaged. It's like fat people, that's why I say fat is so important to get fat if you want to get well quicker. Cause the fat can arrest the poisons without going into the cell and damage the RNA and DNA and your vitality.


Does everybody have stem cells?



You can find a greatest concentration in the bone marrow. So, just like we breed the red, white blood cells, self cellular division of the red, white blood cells happens in the bone marrow.

Except in the fetus, you know, they're all over the fetus. They seem to be breeding everywhere.

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