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What are the specific benefits from the three different types of kind of high meat?

Fish, fowl, and beef.


The fish helps replace the inner elements, the constituents of nerve tissue the best

The fowl helps the nerve lining, the sheath, the intestines, the bones, the bone cartilage, lymphatic system, any of the white glands, connective tissue, the skin.

Red meat helps blood, the dark glands, liver, gallbladder, spleen, bone marrow and muscles.

So, if you eat the high beef, it will help break down, dissolve the degenerative tissue those particular systems.


Would the same apply to glands and stuff like that.


That will concentrate on that gland, and other glands.

The fresh will help rebuild it and the high will help get rid of degenerative tissue in those systems. Okay.

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Will high meat help rebuild?


It'll help rebuild only in that it helps break down that tissue to be replaced.

A lot of people can't break it down. If they can't break it down, they can't replace it.

Because cooked food destroys all the bacteria, all the natural elements in parasites in every animal cell, and once you cook it, you destroy all of that, so your body doesn't have that natural ability to just have a recycling going on in the ecological system. Balanced ecological system.

By eating the high meats you're replenishing all of that.

Just put it in jars, and if you have it in a cooler, just change the ice.

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