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Yeah, I just wanted to know about generally the role of milk. Like I hear about people having problems with fresh raw milk, you know, not fermented. 

Is fermented milk better than fresh milk? 


Did everyone hear the question?  

Is fermented milk better than fresh milk? 

It always is because the fermented milk has allowed the natural bacteria- you have free basic categories of bacteria that naturally exist in raw milk, unless they're fed antibiotics. That's bulgaricus, [unclear], and acidophilus.  

Acidophilus breaks down the sugar, the lactate. 

The bulgaricus breaks down the fats. 

And the [unclear] breaks down the protein.  

So, you naturally have the bacteria in there predigesting it for you. Just like in the stomach, it all goes sour before you digest it. Cause it starts breaking it down, but that's the bacteria, and the acids in your stomach doing it. A lot of people are not very well to do that efficiently. 

So, to let the milk ferment is always preferable. Mine sits in the cupboard under the sink, dark cupboard out of the refrigerator, usually a minimum of two days before I drink it. I like it wonderfully tasting though. So, I do not let it get into the sunlight cause the sunlight will cause the bulgaricus to grow faster than the acidophilus and, uh, [unclear] 

And that means that the fat is broken down higher than the protein and the sugar, and it causes it to go a little heavy and a little bit not so pleasant tasting a little bitter. If you increase the acidophilus, and the [unclear] to grow by adding a little honey, let's say a tablespoon and a half per court, and have about two ounces of cream. 

The, the milk will always be delicious. Even if it's down there, 2 to 3 days, just becomes kefir. Any time it's predigested, you are going to get more nutrition from it. If you let the bacteria that naturally exists in the milk perform that activity of predigesting. You will encourage your own bacteria in your intestines to flourish. 

If you make it with a cultured kefir grains or yogurt drains. It will not do that. Those are washed, those are bread. Those are specific, and they're no longer natural. They will predigest the milk substances for you, but they will not encourage your own bacteria to grow. So, it's fine if you need to get well, and you need to digest, and you need the milk a little bit faster digesting cause of the grain you can digest it about a day quicker. 

But preferably you let your milk digest on its own with natural bacteria in the raw milk. 

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