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can tell? They had had quite a few children and their breasts were like I see in late twenties, early thirties here, and they're 50, 60, 80 years old. It was just amazing too.  

There were girls that going around selling clothes on the beach and they would just take everything off and just right there, they don't have any of these bare body hang-ups and, they'll just strip completely bear, testicles and everything and change right on the beach. 

It's only for a few seconds, but there's no red reluctance about it, no fear, there's no anxiety, there's no hostility. Everybody does it. It was so refreshing to be in that kind of a culture.  


How much butter, fat or cream do you have to have before you drink wine? 


*Laughs* I'm not suggesting it. Cream and butter before your drink it. They usually drink the wine before eating their dish, it's also got heavy cream or butter in the dish. So, they're sipping the wine- 

[Attendee #2] 

All raw? 


Well, not anymore. Well, let me put it this way. There are a lot of French chefs that use raw still. They still use raw.  

France was the easiest place for me to get raw cream, raw butter, and raw milk.  

[Attendee #2] 

So, there's actually a French style restaurant in this new shopping center called Grove, and in there they have a list of 30 or 40 different raw milk cheeses. 


Are they salted? 


It either has to be pasteurized or salted. 


Why do they like having the salt and why are they okay if it has salt?  


The salt is an anti-bacterial.  

[Attendee #2] 

Is the answer fat and sun? 


Fat and sun. Also, if women will do an exercise like you do a counter like this one, everybody can see. 

And if you spread your arms down like this and you don't go too far, and you go like this and breathe the circulation in to the mammary glands, and it isn't hard. 


How many can you do? 


As many as you want. 

When you start feeling it, you know that the rush of circulation is going in there, will start breaking down dead cells that cause sagging, and it'll strengthen the muscles in there. I've seen girls go from sagging down here to go to a full 2.5" up, doing that every day. Not at one time, they may do 10 at a time, 5 times a day. 





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