Freckles and Sun Spots Help You Absorb Vitamin D


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She asked about freckles and brown spots. Freckles and brown spots are fine.


From the sun?


They're not from the sun. What it is is it's a form of endometriosis. You had glandular cells that no longer can produce hormones, there's still live cells that act as skin cells. The body takes them out of the gland and sends it into the skin and then when you get sunshine, those cells, because they're higher in fat can absorb the sun's rays and allow you to absorb a lot more vitamin D.

So, having freckles and brown spots is in advantage.

Most people don't don't eat enough protein to reproduce cells, so the body wants to use every live cell in the body and not destroy it. Even if it can't function as a gland cell anymore, it still functions as a good skin cell.

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