Forceps Used On Baby






A woman I know recently had a baby, and during the birthing process, apparently there was some difficulty. The doctor had used a forceps, which I thought forceps were outlaw. But anyway, apparently, they had actually used it on the baby's head, literally turned the entire fetus, and then pulled it out. So, right now the baby's two weeks old, but already has deep scar tissue along here, and on here. 

What are the long-term effects of a child being used the forceps, and can it be reversed?  


I've known about probably 8 children that were forceps pulled, and I've seen pictures when they were babies, and they developed out of it fine. I've seen 2 that did not, that were deformed by it, but they were raised on the worst diets you could imagine. 

They got very little. One was Asian, and the family was very poor, and the other one was Indian, also very poor. So, they never had the meat to regenerate the tissue, and grow quickly while the baby was young, young enough. But the other 8 did fine, but it depends upon. 

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