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First, I'm going to talk to you about- my next book is on detoxification.  

So, I've been experimenting with detoxification because a lot of people all about being gung-ho and doing a lot. 

I want to caution you on it because two months ago, I decided to do an intense detoxification to the limit.  

What I do when I detoxify is pre-fermentations, bacteria's cause fermentation, bacteria's are in the foods before you cook them. When you cook them, the bacteria is out. All the bacteria, the enzymes, vitamins, everything is gone. So, when you take those properties into your body, and when the body is finished utilizing them. There is no natural ecological recycling, it hardens in the system, and it stays there waiting for some bacteria to help ferment it and detoxify it, like with a virus? 

Especially if you're so poisoned, then you can't harbor a parasite or any bacteria. Those are the easiest ways to detoxify. When your body uses bacteria or parasites. They consume up to 100 times their weight in a day, and then excrete very small amounts about 1% of what they digest. So, it's a very small amount of toxin that we have to neutralize and secrete or excrete. So, it's very easy for the body to handle it. When the body has to make a fermentation and make a virus, because virus are not alive. The whole idea of having a vaccine for viruses is the most absurd thing in the world. It's like taking vaccine because you have tide soap in your house. 

The cells make virus. When they take virus out of a body and put it in a Petri dish, it'll breed a cell and you can keep cells growing. There is no increase in virus. It is whatever they put in there is all that exists. However, when there's a cellular environment in that petri dish, then all of a sudden there are more of them. They increase, that's because cells make them. It's like how we used to make soaps for our bodies. We used to take coconut and 90% of all soaps are made with coconut 100 years ago, 50 years ago. So, when you make something from organic substances, you're going to have organic matter in it. So, they say virus has DNA in it, sure the cell makes an agent to dissolve toxicity, it puts a DNA in it of the tissue that it wants the virus to dissolve. So, that's how that's like putting a certain chemical, a certain agent in that solution, so that only addresses certain kinds of toxic cells. Otherwise, you'd be disintegrating because you've got a lot of toxic cells in your body from eating cooked foods all of your life. 

So, over the years, starting in 1976, I started fermenting the different foods that I consumed. I consumed a lot of Rice Krispies, a lot of corn flakes with lots of sugar on it. So I fermented all these foods over the years, but I've never let my milk go to a high alcohol state because I used to consume a half a gallon of milk a day and then when I got away from home at 16, I was drinking a gallon a day cause there was no restriction and I had a lot of milk, but it was always pasteurized unless I was on the farm and that was only for a few weeks a year, and then my grandmother got to boiling on the stove.  

Anyway, probably the most consumed food that I had was the milk, the dairy. So, I knew that that was going to be a hell of a detoxification when I did it. So, what I did was I took a quart of milk, put it in a half gallon jar, put some maca in it, which is a substance, it's higher carbohydrate substance. It was sun dried because it would cause a heck of a fermentation and it would give it that cereal variety, like tremendous amounts of cereal when I was a child with milk. 

So, I know that those two would be connected well together. So, I put them together and fermented it for a little over two weeks out of the refrigerator in a cupboard and the hottest time of the summer and when I popped the top off of it, it was so fermented that the alcohol burned my nos. So, what did I do? I had three cups in one day because everybody's talks about these gung-ho issues, you know, on the internet, you know, and all that. 

S,o I wanted to see what would happen. Well, I was in diarrhea every 20 minutes for 36 hours. Diarrhea lasted about three weeks. I lost 20 pounds in six days. I am still having it, and what it did was- whenever your body has a tremendous amount of sugar in the system, and it's an overabundance and your body can afford to make a tapeworm, tapeworms, eat excessive sugars in the intestines. 

So, I kept dumping all these sugars from all that toxic milk that I had, and it caused a detox, so I had all this tissue alcohol destroyed, sugar destroyed, and carbohydrates destroyed tissue from the milk. So, it was the heaviest detox I've ever. done and I got a tapeworm. First time I've had a parasite in my life, it was great. I just passed it out three days ago. So, thank God it was there to help me detox because for about four weeks I was basically unable to work. I started to travel, but I didn't want to. I had to sleep like 10, 11 hours a day, which is unlike me because I sleep usually 4.5 to 5. 

So, if you want to do detoxification, do it in a mellow way cause I'm suffering right now. I mean, you know, from all that radiation that I had, cauterized my spine, there was one part of my back that was in constant pain for years, about 15, 16 years and what I put on a lot of weight, and I hold the weight, there's very little pain. Even if I have little sores or something, detoxification's going on, they are very mild. The symptoms are mild. However, this way the symptoms aren't mild. I can go into a pain in the chest.  

I mentioned the last time I was eight years old, first grade I swallowed a nickel and it got it stuck in my diaphragm and the esophagus right at the bronchial, and in those days, nickel was a third mercury. So, the mercury was in there so long, cause I was autistic and I didn't know how to tell anybody that I had a nickel lodged in my esophagus. So finally, I went to the principal Sister Virginia, and kept pointing I had something wrong, swallowed something, and it was caught here. So, she got me some milk and I washed it down with milk and it went right down, but that sat there for about three hours. Whenever you have anything going into the esophagus, your body secretes tremendous amount of hydrochloric acid. So, it dissolved some of that nickel and that mercury went all into that area and that's part of what started giving me angina at age 15.5, with all the other medical drugs. Angina is heart attacks, and I used to have 4 to 7 a week. So, all of a sudden, a few months ago, right before I did that heavy detox, I was dealing with that. The pain would get so bad, and I couldn't move and the only thing that would resolve it. I did everything. Pain formula, the heat packs, everything. I felt like I was going to die from a heart attack, but I knew it wasn't the heart, the pain was excruciating. So, I started just moaning aloud, and every vibration cause I mom from here, *uhhh*, just kept going like this. 

It was just vibrating, and within a minute the pain stopped. So, now anytime it comes on, I sing or just moan like that, and it goes away. Otherwise, it just gets worse and worse and worse until I can't even move, and it shoots back to that pain, right back into the center. Again, this low weight that I have is a problem. Now that the tapeworms gone, I'm starting to put on weight quicker. 

And that also means that since the tapeworm left, the head came out, so I knew it was all over and all of its parts were in the feces. A three-day period. So, I know that it's over, it's finished that heavy milk detoxification. My body is finished the major part of it. So, I do feel better in many, many ways, but, you know, I just want to caution you if you're going to do anything, don't do anything over what I suggest when the detoxification book comes out, because you may suffer a lot more than I did. 

So anyway, that's what I had to say. 


When's the book coming out. 


It'll probably be next summer. I was hoping it would come out last summer, but with all these detoxifications and my injuries, two severe accidents, you know, hasn't been easy. 





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