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I go to the Venice marketer or I go to whole foods and I know that the farms...

...where do you get it in other countries?


Right out of the streets. I go on the streets and get it from the farmers who are growing their own chickens.

I remember in Cambodia, they're selling chickens, all this meat and fish in the dirt, the flies and the bugs and everything. That's just what I want. That's good for you, if it's alive and it's breathing on this planet, that's what I want.

So. I went up to this one vendor and she was probably mid thirties, daughter was about 14 years old, maybe 13 and I speak Thai pretty well and some Vietnamese, but Cambodia, I don't know anything except a few foods names. So, I wanted to tell this woman, I wanted the pieces of chicken with all the fat on them.

They're used to the Americans not wanting fat on anything. She starts ripping the fat off, and I said, "No, no, no, no, that's what I want". She still didn't get it, so I grabbed a piece of that fat and started eating it and I said, "I like, that's what I want". The daughter, 13, 14 years old, jumped back 10 feet, jumped back 10 feet because she was afraid I was gonna give her some kind of disease.

You have to understand, the older thought nothing of it, the older people thought nothing of it, but you have to understand they're putting televisions. They can't afford TV, they make 50 cents a day, a dollar a day max, that's 12 hours working a day, that's what they make. They can't afford to run the electricity much less, buy a TV every day, yet General Electric, and these other companies have gone in there and given them donations to wire everywhere.

So, you go out in these villages and there's grass huts and you've got one light bulb in there and maybe a refrigerator, if they're lucky they have a refrigerator, maybe one refrigerator or two refrigerators in the whole town, in the whole village, and everybody's got a TV. Where do they get that TV? And what does it do? It's always advertising these foods and drugs, foods and drugs, foods, and drugs, and the American good way of life. And it's all based on them eating and taking drugs, and that's the way they present it. So, these younger generation think that their parents are savage and dirty and diseased.

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