Food Preservation and Shortages






I've been on the internet, there's people predicting we're gonna have huge food shortages. I just wonder if you've got any tips, suggestions, or advice. Like if we get get into a serious food shortage, how we still somehow stay on the diet.


Well, it certainly won't be easy. I've got five gallons of honey put away. I've got lots of butter, probably 30 pounds of butter and I keep them recycled in my refrigerator. Some of them are blue cheese, so I made my Roquefort dressing with blue cheese, which was wonderful. I also have meat that I've cut up and stuffed in jars, some dehydrated, if I had to carry some that's dehydrated in oil, I did that.

That's deer meat. Most of that's deer meat and I did that in the year 2000 for Y2K, I never thought it was gonna happen.


Why deer?


Because a friend of mine shot it and I butchered it. I got a third of the deer, so that's what I had on hand., right. You can do with any meat. So, what you do is just stuff it in a jar with olive oil and it coats, it surrounds it. And I've had some beef jerky in oil for 10 years. I have one jar left and I will open it in December and I open one every December to see how it holds up.


It's all meat in the fridge or do you keep it out?


No, it gets out, it's never refrigerated.

Now,, I tried coconut oil, but it doesn't quite last as long.

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