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I'm fairly new to this and of course, one of the hardest ones to get over was eating chicken. And I ate chicken, but, and I'd eaten it a few times, but then one time I ate it and smelled it and everything, but I got really sick. Like diarrhea for a week, 103 fever for two days.  


That doesn't mean you got it from the chicken. 


Like, how do you know if you actually did get food poisoning or? 


There's no such thing as food poisoning, unless you're eating cooked food. Just remember that when a bacteria feeds on cooked food, it's eating poisons along with it. It's like if eat cooked food and get heterocyclic amines, lipid peroxides and advanced glycation end products and acrylamides. Those are the major toxins. We also have other complex auctions, which are not as investigated, but I mentioned them in the recipe book. So, when the bacteria feed on them too, they also produce more toxins. So, their Vera toxins will be 10 to a 100x more toxic and when they're raw, they're never toxic. 

As I said in the recipe book, the people who aren't on this diet have an average of 18 to 20% diarrhea and vomiting happening all the time. 18 to 20% of the population, on this diet say 12%, depending on the time of year. So, there's a lot less diarrhea and vomiting, but you can't associate either with raw or cooked diets because it happens on both. 

So, you have to say what's causing the diarrhea. When I've had diarrhea, analyzed and vomit analyzed, I found a lot of poisons. A lot of dead liver cells, gallbladder, spleen, something like that in the vomit. In the diarrhea, I found a lot of dead bowel cells or intestinal cells or liver cells or muscular cells, and some gut cells. 

So, it's a dumping area of the stomach and the bowel and the intestines are a dumping area for these poisons to leave the blood, to get in and out of the body. So, vomiting and diarrhea is a good thing whether you're on a cooked diet or raw diet, and it has nothing to do with what you're eating. 

However, if you're eating cooked food, you're more likely to create more of it because you're putting more poisons to be dumped into the stomach and intestines. 

So, you've got to get out of this stigma that some raw food has caused you to have diarrhea and vomiting. If you had diarrhea and vomiting when you're eating cooked foods, what would you blame it on? It's all these poisons in the body? I mean, if you're eating some very high meat, high cooked meat, yeah that can cause instant diarrhea because the Vera toxins are very, very potent, so that's poison in itself, but eating high meat as people saw when I was on Ripley's Believe It Or Not a year ago, I ate a year and three months old high meat that didn't sit in the fridge, I did not get sick 

The photographer got sick 




I didn't get sick eating it. 

[Attendee #2] 

Is that because you're used to eating it? 


Well, it smelled pretty good to me. People who've eaten it a lot, it starts smelling good to them. It's like the Eskimos, first time I smelled it, I couldn't get within five feet- I was like the camera man, I wanted to vomit like crazy, and the children were jumping up and down for this odor. They love it because it gets them so high and happy, makes them strong for the winter, the fall and winter. 

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