Food Cravings, Eggs Dries Mouth From Pulling Toxins



vegetable juice


how much






As long as you go with those cravings and you stay balanced, that's fine, but if it starts imbalancing you, it's not the way you should do it. You should go against your instinct.


What about the green juices? [audio cuts out so not sure the question]


Cause more hunger, they increase digestibility, they clean the system quicker. So. all of a sudden the body says, "Oh, I feel better. I can eat more".

Somebody gave me an ostrich egg for Christmas. I didn't eat it until I got back for New Years. And there was five cups of egg in this one egg. Three cups of white and two cups of of yellow yolk.

And I ate it in less than 24 hours. And I was still hungry. Sometimes I'll make a shake with 24 eggs in it, and that's two quarts about or right around a quart and a half depending on the size of the eggs and I'll still be hungry.


So, what about doing it at night because we are supposed to eat every five hours? Cause I do raw eggs.


That's fine.


How many eggs at a time because sometimes I get nausea.


It depends upon the person. Just keep eating them until you get really turned off I've eaten, like I say, I can eat a cup of eggs at a time and then all of a sudden I start getting nauseous.

And usually a cup of eggs, if they're normal sized eggs, an egg is about a 1.5 oz - 2 oz, depending upon the size of the medium egg. Some eggs, you get 3 oz out of the big eggs, so whatever it takes to make a cup and then that's all I can drink at a time is one cup.

However, sometimes i've consumed up to two cups at a time no problem. Especially if I've eaten cheese first.


Do you always need to have honey/butter/cream with the eggs?



Well, it's just that egg tendency because it pulls out a lot of toxins to dry the mouth and lips. So, put honey on your lip or eat the honey and butter.

The cream is more alkanalizing. The butter is more acid.

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