Flus - Salmonella









Flus are always viral or bacteria can be involved in some cleansing processes while a virus is the main activity. But when you talk about flus and viruses, it's a virus. Flu is virus, virus is flu. Virus does not involve bacteria, but there are 2,323 forms of salmonella, when you didn't have a bath to get into and soap, salmonella ate all the dead skin on your body, trillions and trillions of salmonella in your nose, eating boogers, everything, the mucus.

Salmonella were your cleansers of the surface. They're aerobic bacterium and they just eat up all the contamination on the outer side of the body.


So, if I eat the chicken with salmonella on it?


No, it's good. You're just going to break them down and digest them, and they're gonna be protein in your body because salmonella doesn't live internally.

It can be in the stomach, but you'll never find it outside of the intestines in the stomach are digested. They don't live, they're aerobic bacteria; they require oxygen.

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