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Millions, hundreds and thousands and billions of dollars over the years, so they found a way to sell them to you, so you consume them. The same way they're doing with fluoride. They use fluoride for cleaning metals, cleaning gold, military is the biggest user to make tanks, guns, airplanes, all this metal that goes into military.

So, they have no place to put all this stuff, so they convinced the government that the only way they can do that is disperse it in people's waters. So, everybody's drinking it and it spreads it out.

The newest way to get rid of some of that chemical toxicity is chemtrails, so the aluminum and the barium and some of the cobalt that's used in military industrial waste is now being sprayed in the skies over your head, everywhere.


Under what guise?


National security.


Like to kill something?


No, no, no. They're saying it's to create some kind of a radar security thing for national security, create some sort of radar fluid, which is absolutely absurd. Aluminum's not a transconductor of anything.


So, what would be good for you having to have that?


Well, you just have to make sure you're eating your fats, and not be skinny.


They call it seeding the clouds in Colorado.


I don't think they call it seeding clouds cause it doesn't seed clouds.


That's their excuse for what they're doing out there.


Could be. But I mean, in all the research on chemtrails, nobody's ever made that claim.

They're not seeding anything with aluminum, cuz it doesn't create that kind of environment for seeding. Many ways to do it.


They're keeping it a real big secret because I listen to the late night talk shows sometimes, and they talk about that subject and, and nobody seems to have a handle on it. That is like a big secret.


Well, if you know the military's waste products from the steel mills and all of that, they are responsible. They've agreed to be responsible for the waste.

So, they're spraying it over us, putting it in our water.


I just heard today that the amount of ADD in students is up 1/300.


Only 1/300?Oh, no. You're talking about probably 50% of children. 1/2.





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