Fluoride In Concentration Camps







I had read that the Nazi's not used fluoride in the water in the concentration camps.  

Is that true? 


Yes. Fluoride is the smallest molecule in the world. It can penetrate and enter anywhere. It's a byproduct of mainly military machinery, military industrial complex. That's why it gets into government programs because the military needs to get rid of it and they don't want to build huge storage places to hold it underground.  


So, how do you get rid of fluoride then? 


You drink water that has fluoride. You don't drink tap water ever. 

So, you drank the water, so it's in your body. Removing that takes cheese, lots of cheese over your whole lifetime. 

Because the government wants to get rid of it. It's a marketing tool to get rid of it. They use the tests from Massachusetts. Do you know what those tests were? The children had less cavities who had the fluoride because they were losing teeth. So, they had less teeth to have fillings in them. 

So, they had less fillings because they had teeth that were falling out and they used that as the barometer that fluoride is good for them. These government people are not nice. Even your good Senator is on the wrong side of the fence as a matter of necessity. He does the best he can, unless he's a Republican, then he does the worst he can. 

If you're like Reagan, you're gonna rob the till as long as you're in office, and every Republican robs the till every time they're in office. How many trillions of dollars are we in debt? When Clinton left office., we were $6 trillion in the black. Bush Senior left $4 trillion deficit. Now we're $8 trillion in deficit. 

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