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Grapfruit seed extract and he said that's it's a natural antibiotic.


Yeah, it's a natural poison. But it's not natural when it's extracted cuz they use heat and they use a solvent to extract it and they use a kerosene derivative. So, what you did was poison your body. Antibiotics and medications poison the body to stop the symptom.

So, you've got a symptom there because you've got toxicity in a particular area doing damage, that is why you detox. If you stop that, you're not remedying the problem. You're adding poisons to the problem.


I was so desperate. I I thought that was because of flu.


Well, you have to read about it in my newsletters cuz that's a whole hour - two hour lecture.


So, basically if I have a flu, I just let it go.


Absolutely. Well, you eat the right foods, the ones I suggest in The Recipe Book without.

I suggest everybody have three detoxes a year, two colds, and one flu. I pray for them.

[Attendee #2]

How do you force one? I haven't had one for a long time. I just can't get 'em.


Well, if you're taking the hot baths regularly, you won't have to do it cuz you're already taking care of it.


I have the phlegm coming out, I think that's my detox.


That's your detox. Your mucus is taking the poison.


Yeah. So the flu is unusual for me, so I thought it was- I was not used to it, that I didn't know how to deal with that.


You do the same way you take it out with the mucus, you have to eat the food to build mucus like milkshake. It's in my Recipe Book on page 145 or 147.





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