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What a joke avian flu is.

You have to understand the United States medical profession and the pharmaceutical companies. They have been geared since Rockefeller and Carnegies took over the universities back in early nineties to gear you to be afraid of nature.

All the flus are named after some kind of monkey or pig or swine flu or some kind of bird. They always want to address it on some animal. If you understand viruses, you understand that they're not contagious. The whole idea of a a vaccine for a flu is preposterous.

A flu is a body of amino acids, proteins, they are not alive. You can spike a petri dish with every kind of flu you can imagine and they will not multiply. They exist as is. Then when you introduce live cells into it, all of a sudden they start multiplying. That's because the cell is in an environment that's not natural for it, it gets toxic, bacteria is prevented from growing in these petri dishes because they make them antibacterial, antiparasitical, and the natural process of detoxification is bacteria and parasites.

If a cell can't use bacteria in parasites, it reverts to making solvents, soaps, which, which are flu, which are the flus of the viruses.

That is what it is. It's just a soap, and there are about 300,000 varieties of those soaps because just like we may have five or six types of liver virus called hepatitis because they're for specific types of cells in the liver. If the liver were to detox icompletely with one virus, then the whole liver would shut down and a person would die so the liver could never detoxify properly.

You have all these complexities within the body of a cell. It has its glands, its prostaglandin reactions, everything within that cell. So, it's got its complex of virals that it's needed for its internal self and then for the gland, we have the viruses necessary for that.

So, you've got about 300,000 categories. You've got subcategories for within that like we do in hepatitis, but they are not contagious. You cannot give them, plus they're all retroviruses.

That means that the body finishes making, utilizing the virus within 48 to 72 hours. Then the body goes on or the cell to making a different virus to clean some other part of that particular intercellular function or body or part or system.

So, the idea of making a flu shot is the most preposterous thing there is because if you put out a vaccine, it's at least six months behind any virus that ever existed.

Now the great avian flu. What did they want to pull out of the vaults? Anybody remember the swine flu in the seventies? Who was our vice president at the time? Rockefeller. Five pharmaceutical houses he owned. So, what did he do? He got Ford to go on the the TV and take the the swine flu shot.

Dr. MD McBean and a consumer advocate, Ida Honorof here from San Diego were pretty famous at the time.

Ida Honorof had a syndicated consumer advocacy radio show that was syndicated in somewhere around 600 markets in the United States and they filed suit against Ford, Rockefeller, the Surgeon General and the company that produced it.

They were so influential and were on it like a hip pocket that they got the media to come in and watch the poll places where they were giving the swine flu. Now, the swine flu, we paid $8 billion to give swine flu to everybody.

Within the second week, 2,300 people had died within two and a half days of receiving the swine flu shot.

So, of course it pulled out, went into the vaults. What do you think is coming out of the vaults for this swine flu epidemic when Bush paid $7.1 billion? It's the same swine flu vaccine, and they're paying $7.1 billion to relabel it.


Why would it kill, I mean, the virus, why will in a vaccine become so dangerous when usually shouldn't be?

If you give it to people, why will people die then?


Because it has aluminum, it has formaldehyde, and they have thimerosal.


So, they're not really dying of what they call crippled virus? They're dying cause what's in the vaccine with the other stuff?


Partially. But you have to understand that some people will have an allergic reaction to an infused toxin of any sort and if the cells of your body haven't made the virus, it's going to look at that as an attack, an invasion, and possibly a road to say, "Wait a minute, I'm not supposed to be alive. I'm gonna die in this kind of a situation". And that's what's called anaphylactic shock.

But the anaphylaxis can come from either the poisons in the vaccine or the actual confligated virus itself cuz it's not natural.

[Attendee #2]

Would it be correct to say that when you contract the flu, they're not dying of the flu, they're dying of the complications?


They're not even getting the flu. It's all absurd, a person cannot get a bird flu. It doesn't jump species, it's an absurdity.

[Attendee #2]

Right. Well, they're saying that that's what's happening. Why are they saying that?


Well, everybody gets a flu because they need detoxification. They want people to be afraid of nature and then embrace medication.

[Attendee #2]

What's the provocation behind it? Is it some disinformation campaign?


It is disinformation. It's complete disinformation.

[Attendee #2]

Because the Chinese government is certainly in a state of panic over disinformation.


You have to understand that there's other ways of overthrowing people in their government, and one of them is disinformation and we know the CIA's good with that and the military's good. If you're dealing with a country like China, they didn't put any of their assets in public relations and the media, they know now because the white people control the media. The Eurasian people, Eurasians and the Caucasian races own almost all, like 90% of all the communication networks that exist.

Just imagine what happened. They came out with the SARS so-called epidemic. What happened to the trade and the tourism in Asia? It went down 80%, huge deficit it created. You take a look at that and you say, "Oh, what an easy way to do it".

Now, when I was last year, I was in Vietnam twice, Cambodia twice and Thailand twice. Indonesia, Malaysia and I went to three different flocks that they had slaughtered in Vietnam. And you know, it's easy. What cost me $2,200 to $8,000 to have laboratory tests here. I can get it for $110 - $200 there. So I had quite a few of the destroyed chicken remains analyzed. There was no such thing as a virus that they spoke about.

All animals, all creatures have virus, but there was no predominant one that was causing any kind of deterioration in those animals.

What happened eight years ago here in the east coast? The health apartment, FDA went in, the USDA and slaughtered herds and herds of sheep without testing the sheep, went in and called them contaminated and slaughtered them. Now, I knew two of the shepherds who had two flocks that were slaughtered. There was no human rights involved, they just wiped out any kind of right that they had, they didn't have to prove that there was anything wrong, there was no cause of action, there was no probable cause to say that they had any kind of disease. What is the point in doing that?

Destroy the small farmer, so then the big conglomerate can take over and the FDA's been in bed, the last 11 heads of the FDA, as soon they left the FDA have been CEOs of a pharmaceutical company. That's quite a major tie, 11. So, you look at that and you see how it's all interlinked, and this is all disinformation to make a lot of money and to play their game of Monopoly, we will win and you will go down.





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