Flowtron Is Bad - Copper Too High


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You won't taste. You can actually drink the water it's that safe. You keep the copper below. It's called Flowtron. I think it's made in Arizona.


I've tested it, it's not good.


We've had it for 20 years. It's great.


There is a process where they use just a small bulb.


It's a thing like this, it's solar powered and then it has a copper coil and it releases the copper and a copper is a wonderful with algae. What you do is you monitor with a little tester kit you get, and then when it gets strong, above a certain point, you just take that out of the water for a week or two before you're ready to put it back again. And the water's safe enough that you can drink. If there were emergency and we all had no water suddenly where Laguna beach was cut off from a water supply, I could drink my pool water.


That's her opinion. I don't agree. I found the coppers too high. Copper patinas, it rusts in the system, even in small amounts. So, I don't agree with that one.

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Can you kill a plant by putting too much copper in it?


Yeah, you can. Absolutely. But if you put enough. If you cleaned out your coil and you dumped it on the plant, that would be very toxic. You have to dispose it. The coil has a protective thing around, but the water really has no taste, it's wonderful. Now, I don't say the salt pools aren't as good, but this is very easy, and we've used it.


Salt pools are good to have.


Well, it depends.

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