Float Tanks Bad



float tank




Absolutely. It does absolutely cause a chelation. You have to understand the magnetics on your skin is pulling all these minerals out of your blood and lymph and everywhere. So, it's dehydrating your system. It's not a good thing. If you float, don't put all that salt in it.


But you don't float.


Put sea salt.


A little bit?


Yeah, you don't need much, what I do when I used to use the float tanks, I would put a cup of vinegar in, and a half cup of sun dried sea salt.

That was still a lot of brine, but those float tanks, depending upon how long and big they are, they can hold a lot of gallons.


Where can you find those float tanks?


Well, I used to do them in Santa Monica.

[Attendee ]

They're full of salt, 800 pounds of salt, 11 inches of water, but you float and you feel like you're in the womb.


Yeah. Well, what I would do is I would just float enough to where I didn't feel myself touching the bottom very much or barely touching and that's the same sensation.

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