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Flax oil too? 


Flax oil, no. But remember I've said that that vegetable oils turn into rock. Here's a vegetable oil right here. They sell them at Wild Oats, and you can buy a variety of them. They are rock, animal fats never get that way. 

Cause I only bathe once every five days is when people say I smell like cheese on like the 4th or 5th day. No, I put it between my clothes. So, it fragrances my clothes. 

But the whole point here is that this is what vegetable fats become, rock. That's what's causing all the hardening of the arteries and the heart.  


How do they make it? 


No, they justt collect it. You collect it and let it sit and in a year, you have rock.  


Does that include flax seed oil? 


Yes, flax seed oil has the same nature, it just doesn't get as hard as quickly. That's why I say in my book if you're using it for cancer, use a very small amount. 

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