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There are 2 different fields there. Flax oil is 90% solvent reaction. That's why it's good antioxidant, it helps break down toxic substances. It does not lubricate the body. It does not aid the body and stabilize it. It is mainly a solvent that will dissolve and detoxify toxic substances in body.


Isn't that good?


That's good, unless you're thin as you are, then you don't want to do it. You want to build and stabilize your system and get enough weight on that you can afford to do that because the byproducts from using a solvent light that will have a lot of waste products, and they'll just go into your tissues all over the place.

It has to get it into there without damaging the intestinal walls. It can't do that unless it is stable. The body's stable with good raw fats, animal fats. It has to be protected first. It's like you going in and taking care of nuclear waste without a suit on. It's not a good idea.


So, that isn't that good to take?


No. In fact, people who just come onto the diet, I say, stay away from all kinds of pressed oils for a couple of years if you're very thin.

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