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I always talk about something that I've done over the years, just to give you more understanding of what's happening in your body.  

When you ate syrups and a soda pops and all of that, all of those flavored oils that they gave you in those drinks, and syrups, jams and jellies where they increase the flavor or put flavoring in candy. It was a resin.  

It's a resin from vegetable oil. That's what causes almost 98% of all the stones, whether the kidney stones, gallbladder stones, urinary tract stones, whatever develops it's from those food oils. 

How you can break them down and get them out of the body is by mixing coconut cream with a little vinegar, lemon juice and pineapple, and you put those together and you might start passing sand, and if you had those little grains analyzed, you would find out which you were discarding. 

I hadn't done it in a long time, so I started doing it a few months ago, and I was a big syrup eater with pancakes, and that's what it was. The crystalized resins from the syrup that I ate so much of, and also one of the crystals that came out was from boysenberry syrup that I used to love with waffles. 


So, coconut cream, lemon, vinegar? 


And you can put an egg in that, just if somebody is too thin, and doesn't have enough protein, you should put an egg in it too. 

That will help eliminate some crystals in your system that block proper cellular functioning, whether it's in the gland or kidneys, and most often those do store around the kidneys, and the bladder. That's why they dump so often into there, and if you had that formula, let's say once a month, once every three weeks, when you develop the stones, they won't be large ones, they'll be smaller. 

If they get too large, it makes it difficult to pass urine and makes you feel like you always want to urinate, and then you have to force it to get the sand through.  

It's a good time of the year. This time of the year in between January and in June is a good time to detoxify the sand, and stones from the resins. 

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