Five Hours After Eating The Body Eats Itself




vegetable juice


not eating


Is that just because you're empty?


In the morning for me to commute quicker.


Yes, well, you've been at least five hours without eating.

When you go five hours without eating and your body starts eating its own cells and I don't think there's anybody here that's you know- that's healthy enough to be a cannibal and that's what the blood does, becomes cannibalistic, after five hours.

So if your cells are very toxic, then that means your blood is going to get highly acrid and toxic and that's why a lot of people wake up in the morning not feeling well, they have no energy and quite nauseous.

The green juice helps reverse all of that, supplies your body with lots of enzymes to prepare for digestion.

It alkalizes the blood and helps your body get away from anorexia and nausea.


That the Importance of taking it before bed?

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