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They are promoting new fish oil. They're saying it's extracted differently. Molecular distillation they call it, different from chemical. It's arctic cod oil. I was wondering if it was different?


Even if you have EMS eat at it there's certain FDA regulations for fish oil.

Would you soak your peaches or your fish in kerosene for 29 minutes and then wash it off. Would you eat it? Do you think that that kerosene's gonna etch its way deep into that peach or that fish? Absolutely. Kerosene is natural so they can say, "Oh, we process it naturally".

Well, what does that mean? Yeah, kerosene's natural, but it's also a poison. So is wood alcohol. So, those are the two things they use: kerosene derivative and wood alcohol, or wood alcohol derivative.

Anything that's processed like that has to be clean by FDA standards is not really organic, and it's not a good thing. Back in all through the seventies and sixties, if you got fish oil back, It was only pressed and fermented like they do with coconut to separate it with no heat. So, it was like 82° is the highest the fish oil I ever got.

It was sticky, it was smelly, it had proteins in it, it was gunky looking. It was mucusy looking with all this white film in it, but now the FDA requires it to be crystal clean and clear of all proteins, and to do that it takes chemical process.

They say, "Oh, we can do it centrifugally". You cannot separate the proteins centrifugally, it's impossible. You have to have a solvent to do it, and it's either a kerosene derivative or wood alcohol derivative.


That goes for cod liver oil as well?


That's right, all of it. You get your oils from fish and you'll assimilate them better anyway. Because you have to understand, just like in coconut; coconut cream is better to eat than coconut oil cuz your coconut oil only has your water soluble vitamins and enzymes. Your coconut and fish have all of the water soluble fats, which is almost 70% of the fat. Well, if you're talking about 70% of the food itself. Coconut is 80% fat, 15% protein, 5% carbohydrate, so the fat ratio in a coconut is 6% - 9%.

To get the coconut oil, you have to juice the coconut meat, you have to let it ferment to separate it or use the centrifugal process to let the oil separate from the water soluble fat, and those are not balanced. That's not a balanced diet.

Coconut cream is the best thing to eat, not coconut oil.


What about that fermented cod liver oil thing?


They have to clean the protein out of it.

You have to use a chemical and these people will lie to you. Why? Because the chemistry lab is lying to them. They go and say, "We've got this krill oil. We've got cod oil. We want you to make it naturally". And chemistry lab wants the businesses. "Oh, we can do that naturally". But obviously the guy, unless he's a chemist at the production house that wants the vitamin or supplement or oil made for him, if he's not a chemist, he doesn't know that kerosene or wood alcohol is used. He doesn't have a clue, so they can lie to you all day and they'll be sincere, and they'll be honest, cuz somebody's lied to them.

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I've been using a raw cod liver oil.


No such thing. You've been told it's raw, but it isn't.

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Well, it's a newer product, I'm told it's raw.


From green pastures?

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Okay. It's not, they use oils in it, processed oils in it as preservatives. Now, 3 years ago, I worked with them for a whole year to get this right, and they put it out, but it would only maintain for 6 months.

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