First Time Eating High Meat

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The first time was when 1975 when I met the Eskimos. I still had bone cancer, blood and bone was coming back again. I was traveling around on a bicycle all over the United States, Mexico and Canada and Alaska. Living with different tribes and animals, alligators, coyotes, you know, chipmunks and studied them in different tribal groups. 

Well, when I went to Alaska, this is in September of 95. Um, it was getting cold, you know, Alaska gets cold pretty quickly in September. It was getting down to about 48 degrees at night. With my multiple myeloma surging, if the temperature went below 48 degrees, I was crippled. I was in so much pain I couldn't move. Couldn't move even my fingers. I couldn't twitch my ears and my eyebrows or anything without severe pain. So. I would keep very warm at night, as warm as I could. and as soon as the sun went down I would bundle, but they tried to get me to eat raw meat like crazy up there and I wouldn't do it because I was such a diehard vegetarian, and I had such an ill reaction to cooked meat. Never dawned on me the difference between all raw foods and cooked foods. 

So, I refused to do it and one day we dug up these pouches, they were these things that were wrapped in hide and buried under the ground between two and six inches. It stunk horribly, I mean they had somebody down there and they could tell how bad it stunk and if it didn't stink a half mile down wind, it wasn't ready, so they wrapped it and put it back in the ground. 

When I got there, they started doing this, I thought what the hell is this, maybe it's some herbs or something because when they unwrapped it, I could see this green mold, white and black mold. I didn't know that meat did that. I had no consciousness with meat to have those kinds of molds growing on it.  

So, when it came time that it was ripe smell was so horrific that I couldn't get within five feet of it without wanting to vomit. All the children were around it, they smelled it and they were jumping up and down like this, and the adults were all happy. This shit is so bad I'm saying to myself, oh my God. I thought it was, you know, I thought they were herbs that rotted, some kid of mulch in them, some kind of seaweed in them cause it smelled so bad. Uh, it did smell slightly animal, so I figured it was seaweed. Seaweed can stink horribly because it's part of the animal, like a mushroom is part animal and part plant.  

So, they unwrapped it and gave me a golf ball sized amount and I had to put cotton balls up my nose with musk oil. 

So, I pushed it up my nose, you know, that smelled good, but still I could barely detect it, I was able to eat it and within about two or three hours, all of a sudden, all my joints felt warm, and this was in the late afternoon when the sun was starting to go down and I stayed there for a total of 28 days and I was not crippled in pain. I mean, I was in pain, but I was not crippled for that whole time. Now, years later when I read the culture and what they wrap in those hides and buried, I found out it was meat. So, I realized that I needed meat, but this wasn't until the early eighties and that's when I started molding other foods, molding high meat. I was molding everything after that, molding brains, making my own LSD. 





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