Fireplaces Polymers




carbon monoxides

vegetable oils



Well, this isn't really having anything to do with food, but I was wondering about like fireplaces and stuff like that. If you're burning logs, and papers if that's gives off like toxic?


It gives off a lot of carbon monoxide depending upon what you're burning. If you're burning [unclear] there's heavy oils and there's a lot more tars as well as the carbon monoxide.

Chimney area should have a glass in front of it and have good circulation, so the smoke and gas doesn't come into the house. And most of the lawns are the firewood that they own.


A lot of them are treated.

[Attendee #2]

What are they treated with?


They treat it with substances, dried out, some kind of solvent.


And they don't necessarily have to say that? Like they don't- obviously it's all green.


No, you're not eating it. So yeah, no restrictions.

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