Fibromyalgia Is Uric Acid and Mineral Crystals



uric acid


too much





Why are the muscles so tense and hard?


What you have is you have chemical compositions that have collected in the muscles and in the joints: uric acid, lactic acid, mineral crystals, and they collect in the body and they cause cutting. They slice the veins, the nerves, the muscles, everything, all the tissue that's in there. They actually cut, cause soreness and bruising, internal bleeding, very microscopic level, but it happens all over.

Vinegar is very helpful to dissolve those compounds, whey helps remove it also.


Drinking it?


Yeah, goat whey, milk whey.


But not when they process it?


No, it's gotta be the raw stuff.

And that causes soreness all over. I had fibromyalgia from the age of 2.5, all the way up till about 7 years on raw diet. When I started eating a lot of raw meat, milk, and eggs most of my Fibromyalgia, I would say 80% of it went into remission.

To get up out of bed as a child, to get up out of my desk at school, it was a major effort because I was just sore and stiff all over. I was like an old man as a boy. Now I'm like a boy as an old man, I like that. But it was work.

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