Fibroids - Breaking Down Scar Tissue




coconut cream

coconut oil

flax oil

olive oil



Information you have about fibroids, the cause and how to attack that?


Fibroids are caused by a collection of dead cells or tumors. It can be from something you're discharging. Are you talking about vaginal fibroids?

You're discarding something through that tissue that's damaging cells in that area and the the dead cells don't get dissolved, so the dead cells are mummified and they retain in that area. So, they're tumors, fibroids are tumors.


But benign tumors?


Yes. They're a collection of dead cells with no cancer cell.


What do you suggest to remove that in the body?


Like I said in the book, anything to remove scar tissue: coconut oil, coconut cream, olive oil, flax oil. Things like that.




Internally. If you're eating a combination of like one tablespoon of flax oil or olive oil with some coconut cream, that's a better type of solvent to remove that.

Or you could have it with avocado, a tablespoon of flax oil or olive oil with avocado. That's a fairly good cleanser. Coconut cream is always your best, cuz the coconut cream, like the avocado, has water soluble fats and vitamins as well as the oil soluble.

In your olive oil and flax oil. it's only your oil soluble fats and vitamin. So, it's a very restricted solvent that can be produced for that.


What about coconut oil?


Coconut oil, again, it doesn't have the water soluble fats and vitamins, and it isn't as caustic as the olive oil and flax oil. So, it won't break down scar tissue as easily.

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