Fermented and Moldy Food


fermented foods


high meat



Remember when your body makes a solvent to dissolve compounds, you've got a lot of excess waste. I prefer people eating moldy foods and, high meats and stuff like that, so the bacteria reduce those compounds with smaller substance. That's a much better way to do it. It isn't as enjoyable.  

Less detoxification and less painful. Almost nonexistent as far as inconvenience in the body, unless it causes a bacterial meningitis, then you're in for a detoxification, but that takes at least eight ounces of high fish. 

Once you've had it several times, all of a sudden, your body starts liking it. 

Like in the Eskimos, they smell that. They just start getting excited, turn red, like really on, and they jump up their have a great time. They love that. They know how it's gonna make them high and happy right away, t gets them through the winter, have all that bacteria.  


They're high? 


Yes, they are. It's their narcotic *Laughs*. 

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