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Let me give you an example. When I was in Vietnam and Cambodia last summer at this time, I was not able to get vegetable juice, like my celery and, and cucumber juice like I had in Thailand. And in the streets, you get juice right there in, you can in Mexico too, but in Cambodian and Vietnam, they were not available. 

So, I ran into a vegetable that I thought, this could be dangerous, sugarcane. I said, "Oh my God, sugar". You know, I was such a sugarholic, I was a thief for it. I was a diabetic and I would get so starved for sugar I would steal boxes of chocolate covered cherries and go through them in 40 minutes. 

I used to steal 4 or 5 candy bars like Babe Ruth's or Hershey bars and eat those in about 40 minutes and it would kill me for the rest of the day, so I didn't have to worry about it, I just crashed.  

But if I didn't have that with the insulin that I was taking, I was just nuts, delirious. 

So, I thought, this is my opportunity to detox, so let me try the sugarcane. So, I happened to be in Cambodia at the time, where they juice it on the street. It doesn't taste very good. So they put like a half of a lime per glass to give it a nicer flavor, so I took two ounces, waited an hour, nothing happened. 

So, I took another four ounces, nothing. I took eight ounces, nothing happened, no sugar reaction at all, took 16 ounces, no sugar reaction. Then I realized that's why they boiled the sugar cane 450 to 700 degrees because the sugar is in the cellulose, not in the juice.  

So, the sugar cane juice is almost like celery, almost has no carbs in it. 

So, I started drinking and I thought, hmm, since I was a sugarholic and I had spent 22 years of eating a tremendous amount of sugar. I mean, if I had bold cereal with sugar crisps, I put an extra four tablespoons of sugar on that and they were already sweet. That's what I would do.  

I was almost like Hitler who put sugar on top of the icing of a cake and put sugar in his wine. He was a vegetarian on top of that.  

So, I decided I would ferment the sugar cage juice and detox. Because whenever you've eaten anything cooked, you've destroyed all the bacteria, all the fermentation bacteria, all the molding bacteria, anything that'll break that food substance down naturally when your body is finished with it to clear it out the body. 

It's just like you have a piece of fruit and lets say you eat part of it, and then what does it do? It rots. It ferments, it turns into a mold and it disintegrates and becomes part of the earth again, then plants can eat it, so it's a recycling. Inside the body it's the same thing. That's how we use bacteria and fungus to regenerate and to discard waste. 

So, I ate so much sugar that had no bacteria in it, no fungi, no mycelium that breeds the fungi that I thought I would detoxify myself by fermenting it.  

So, I fermented about 16 ounces and I took it half one day and half the next day. I had hives this size all over my body. My backside, all around here, all over my chest and legs and my butt and my rectum. 

And they turned into scabs. I refused to scratch, even though it itched terribly. So, I spent two days in Hanoi in my hotel room, just dealing with these hives and itching. I had tomatoes and cucumber that I was rubbing on them to help cool them down. Tomatoes and cucumbers were the only thing that would stop it. 

But I had scabs coming off of it that lasted for six weeks, but one thing that it did was it helped trim a lot of sugar products that had been still stored in my body. Funny, after I did that, I did not have to have the high weight that I normally had because I usually stayed his size and it helped bring me down. 

Then I decided to do the same thing with raw milk, and when I had fermented the raw milk, I let it go 10 days, really fermented and I drank almost a whole quart in one day. Mistake. I had diarrhea for two months from it and my bone just started disappearing and all of my weight went way down.  

But what it did was it cleaned all that stuff out, so now I don't have to have all that weight to feel comfortable and fine. Went 28 years on the diet before I went into that kind of detox.  

So, when I do the detoxification book, it'll come around next spring sometime and be out and available. I will suggest these things if you're healthy enough to do detoxification, but never push them because you will not be able to live with it easily. 

You will not be able to go to work. You won't be able to function, so don't push anything that I suggest and make sure you've been on the diet for two and a half years before you do anything. Before you push any detoxification or you're asking for trouble. 


All your pictures will be in the detox book? 


*Laughs* let me tell you, I'm collecting them.  

[Attendee #2] 

How fermented was the milk? 


10 days. It was so fermented that when I took the lid off, the alcohol burned my nose. Turned my eyes red.  


What did you put the milk in? In a cupboard for 10 days? 


In a cupboard outside the refrigerator. 

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