Fermented Soy









Fermented whole soybean? 


Very bad. The soybean is meant for herbivore. In order for human to digest them, they have to be incredibly processed, there's a poison in them. If they're germinated, they still are poisonous. When they are fermented, there is less poison in it, but you still got a high IgG problem with it, and it's still a vegetable. It takes an herbivore and to digest it. An herbivore has two and a half times longer digestive tract than we do and has 60,000 times more enzymes to digest the cellulose molecule to get the fats and the protein.  

We may get some starch from that bean, but it's not a good quality for the human body. 

Let me say one more thing about that. When you eat those fermented beans, they destroy some of the bacteria in the intestines and it can start forming a lot of gas, cause a lot of gas formation, and it can also cause the blood to get too acidic. 

Cause irritability, cause weight loss, things like that. Soy sauce is terrible in that way, causes a lot of weight loss or headaches causes, water retention. It causes weight loss and muscle loss, muscle mass loss, but water retention. 

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