Fermented Milk Too Long

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Lets talk about fermentation though. Does that mean kefir?  


That fermentation is for that food. It's not a vegetable fermentation. So, it helps pre-digest that food, but if you are letting it go high fermented like I did, that's too far, too much alcohol. Because the alcohol starts destroying the bulgaricus and [bacteria]. 


So, what's the longest you should let it ferment for?  


Probably five days. 

But if you put into the fridge, it's gonna stop it. It's gonna stay right where it is. 

When I make my kefir yogurt, what I do is I take two quarts of milk, and I pour about six ounces by volume of milk into a small jar, I put two ounces of honey, I blend that. Then I take a third milk bottle, so I've got three quarts and I divide everything evenly of the milk. Then I take the honey, blend it in the milk and I pour that in evenly to all three. Then I have two ounces of cream in each one, and then I shake it up and I put it in a dark warm cupboard for 1.5 - 2 days, and then I have kefir. Then I put it in the refrigerator, like a nice thick kefir.  


If the day is very warm, you wanna take it out sooner, don't you? Or you just leave it there too?  


Well, if it gets thicker sooner, that's fine. Take it out as soon as it starts to thicken. 


Let's say we leave our milk in the cupboard for 2 weeks and then put that in the fridge? 


Well, that may be a little too much alcohol. Did you start having gas afterwards?  


I don't think so.  


So, when they start to separate? 


Just shake it up again. 





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