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Well, I forced mine through a milk detoxification, and I'm gonna talk about that in the detoxification book. What I did was I took raw milk and I fermented it in a cupboard during the summer, a very hot time, that it was so full of alcohol that had burned my nose when I opened and also put a little maca root in it because it is very much like cereal.

And I ate a tremendous amount of cereal with my milk as a child. I left home at 16, got married at 16, so I would eat two boxes of cereal a day with a half a gallon of milk. So, I wanted the combination because I knew that's what a lot of my body was built of at the time, and I'm experimenting for my detox book.

So, I drank a whole 3 cups of that in a 24 hour period, my God did I have diarrhea and went through a heavy detox, my hip bones were always large when I started developing in adolescence. My hip bones developed like a woman, so I was on very small shoulders, big hips. So, they always called me a woman and when I got fat, it was all this way and I was small up here. I was a Jewish pear. Jewish on my father's side, Catholic on my mother's side. So much guilt in my family age to have to go to the rabbi before I go to the priest.

So, the tapeworm came about because they mainly feed on sugar. You notice the third world countries where all these people have tapeworms and they'mre mainly children. It's when we're giving to the world health organization, we're giving all this garbage cereal, we're paying Kelloggs and all these companies billions of dollars in donations. They get the donations, they pay these companies to give this garbage food, these garbage cereals to these children in these third world countries, and they end up with tapeworms. The tapeworms are there to eat that excess sugar because you have acrylamides and you have advanced glycation end products that they feed on.

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