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So, I eat the fermented juice. Anytime you want to get rid of anything in your body that you've eaten cooked, you eat it fermented.

Now, Sally Fallon and a lot of those people that go for all this fermented foods, they continue to eat cooked foods. So yeah, they needed a lot of fermented.

And only the tribes like the Hunzas, they eat cooked goat and they didn't eat much raw meat. They ate a lot of raw dairy, but they ate a lot of fermented foods to make up for their cooking.

They were living in a clean environment, so they didn't get a lot of disease because the other things that people normally cooked, they weren't eating cooked. But they were having the fermentation.

Sally Fallon said, "Well that all that fermented food is better for you".

I said, "Yeah, if you're a cooked food eater", definitely.

So, as long as you eat cooked food, you need to eat a lot of fermented food. It should be a regular part of your diet and it'll help your digestion.


[Something about fermented vegetable juice]


Yeah, but I only suggest one a day if you're going to do that. The others are fresh.

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