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fermented foods

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I have a question regarding fermented foods that various tribes and cultures- there's been a lot of research on how tribes eat raw. What's your take on fermented foods that the Hadza and the Eskimos presumably used along with their diets.


When we're talking about Sally Fallon and a lot of those people that have had no fricking experimental experience.

Nor did Price (Weston A. Price), Price went around observing never experimenting. So, all his conclusions are theoretical and based on no fact. He comes to conclusions based on observations, just like Kathy just did. It's based on nothing foundational.

When I'd experimented with those fermented foods, and I started experimenting with them in the early 70s before Sally Fallon was breathing in this business, and they created all kinds of bacterial disorders. Vegetarian animal needs a vegetable fermentation, a human being does not need a vegetable fermentation.

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