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Sprouts for the chickens. 


Well, you can't feed just sprouts to a chicken, that'll kill the chicken. If you feed only sprouts to a bird, it will kill a bird in about 12 days. There are three enzymes that act like phytic acid. In any kind of grain or nut, you have phytic acid, which prevents mineral absorption, which prevents protein absorption, which prevents fat absorption. So, it's a whole chain reaction, so they sprout or germinate grains to alter that phytic acid.  

However, when you alter that, you've got three other enzymes that are produced in vegetation state, which do exactly the same thing as phytic acid, so here you have three times the amount of that ingredient. 

However, if you germinate in milk, the lactic acids in the milk destroy those enzymes. Of course, the sprout will never mature into an adult plant, but it breaks it down so the chickens can eat it with no problem, and the pigs can eat it. Any animal can eat it.  

You cause it to be sprouted in the milk. You take dry grain and you put it in milk.  

[Attendee #2] 

So, with that being said, right now you don't want chicken and eggs?  


I'm not eating any chicken right now. I'm just sticking with beef and fish.  


So, you think every egg has mercury or? 


No, it's certain ones. 

They're using mercury to feed the chickens for laying eggs as an antibiotic. And in adult chickens for meat, they're using arsenic instead of antibiotic.  

I don't know how much soy is in it. We have photographs of the feed packages, but there's been so much going on, I haven't been able to go to the store and see, but anyway, I will, cause I know that we've got a photograph of the feed they were given, so I have to investigate that.  

But with the mercury and the arsenic alone, that pulled a lot of our nutrients out of the system. Now in my eyes, I had a great deal of changes from the injections. I had all this metal accumulated my intestinal tract in iridology. So, you could see the patterns all throughout the intestinal tract with the additional metal. And after eating all of these eggs, there's no way I can tell arsenic except as a green radiant compound in the iris. 

And obviously I didn't absorb a lot of that, but the mercury is coming out and when I had the hair analysis done here and the hair analysis on my head after the injections, all of those were high, so I can't tell on me. I can't tell how much is those injections and how much are the eggs. 

So, I have to look at my patients who had no other exposure, like that little girl. All of a sudden, her arsenic and they just started feeding her all Rawsome Foods.  


For how long was she on the diet, the little girl?  


The father didn't tell me he you said it, but I don't remember.  


And is she better now? 


Well, she had severe lead poisoning, almost died from the school that she went to. Then they had put her own special diet to make sure it's as pure as possible so her body could clean out the lead. They always kept tabs on her, always checked her blood to see what the levels were and then the arsenic, lead and Mercury started elevating considerably. And the only thing she had exposure she had was Rawsome food. So, he checked the eggs and the beef first, cuz of course, be the highest in mercury, not the fruits and not the dairy. So, sure enough, that's where he found it. 

And the eggs and the chicken.  

[They were talking about Rawsome was selling bad eggs and labeled as high-quality organic] 


Is there chicken we can still eat? 


Rocky Jr. There's still 25% - 30% soy, but you know, the rest is corn. A lot of its genetically modified, GMO corn. So, the tests that are coming out now in the scientific reports on GMO products is terrifying, very terrifying. 

They're killing animals in very short period of time, gives them all kinds of disease and deformities.  

I'm not eating chicken and I'm not eating eggs right now. Fish and beef. 

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