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high meat

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It is a good helpful thing. However, if you're eating the E coli from a Buffalo or a cow, it's a different E coli. The E coli feeds on vegetation, even though by the time the vegetation is in the cow's colon, it's an entirely acidic environment, it's still slightly different.

If you get a pigs intestines and eat the bowel of a pig, that's perfect for us. Our system is 86% like a pigs.


When do you recommend eating feces?


Anytime you want. I don't recommend eating feces that's already dried because the E. coli's inactive. And all of their little offspring won't become active easily.

I have some Amish farmers who will harvest it when they're butchering their pigs, and what they'll do is you say a pound, two pounds of it. They'll tie it off, like it's a sausage, and then when you get it, you take just like a two ounce section, and eat that until it's gone and they usually will take care of you for at least a year, six months to a year, and then do it again if you still need help.

Or you can eat high meat, the bacteria in the meat predigests the fats and the proteins to be able to feed the brain and the nervous system.

Think about it this way, the high meat stinks like hell yeah, it'll stink up your house, the poop, you're eating over a short period of time and you don't have to have it all the time cuz remember the E coli from the poop is going to help your E coli thrive and live.

When you eat high meat, it does not help the E. coli breed. So, what you're doing is eating all the pre digested fats and proteins to feed your brain and nervous system. It works because you get happy in 20 minutes, you can go from deep, dark depression to happiness in 20 minutes, just by feeding your nervous system.

So, remember, depression is always a lack of B vitamins and proteins and fats for the nervous system, E coli is responsible for making that grade of nutrient.

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