Fecal Matter Isn't A Discard of Waste


fecal matter

cooked food




Is that what our shit and our piss are? Is that like our food supply?


Now, if you were a completely raw fooder all of your life, fecal matter and urination is never a discard of waste. It's just byproducts being released, undigested food, completely undigested being released.

It's like in Georgia, Russia, in some areas of Thailand and Asia, they eat the fecal matter from the water buffalos. Why? Because it's predigested to the point where we can digest it, so they can get a lot of protein and fat from it.

A lot of other beetles and insects also eat fecal matter because they can get nourished by it.


But you wouldn't want to eat your fecal matter if you hadn't been raw for a while?


I wouldn't want to.

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