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Well, as I was talking about fecal matter, was the only thing that I've seen stop that kind of metastasis. When you metastasize that much, that means it's pretty fast growth, pretty fast. I can't imagine that they're benign if you have that many in various areas? I have seen it occasionally, but not very often. Benign tumors, very hard to dissolve. 

Coconut cream is your best, using coconut cream with a little bit of pineapple is helpful to dissolve tumor, but with that many it all depends. See, when the cells go malignant, that's a good thing because only malignant tumors can be resolved overnight because with the malignant tumor, the malignant cell has like a battery acid in it, and mostly in tumors you have one light cancer cell surrounded by 50 dead cells. 

The cancer cells like a hermit, like a monk. It's very psychic. You can keep the body in communication with that area. So, it can keep that body, that part of the body alive, even though it's in this state of disease. Benign tumor can't do that. There's no connection with that area of the body. So, when the cancer cell dies and sets out the serum that dissolves all the cells around them. That's why you can have remission overnight. You dissolve within 2 to 7 days a huge tumor like they did at the University of Toronto using E.coli verotoxin, dissolved brain tumors from 2 to 7 days,  

So, fecal matter is your best way to make sure that it's done, so you arrest it. 

If you go in for a biopsy, you're opening yourself to a tremendous amount of metastasis. 

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Well, you said that you may have tumors many areas of your body, it's not just one. If you've got them in many areas your body, you're going to be one of those people who suffers. It doesn't matter whether you have it or not, you know, enjoy your life while you're here. 

I tell every cancer client that comes to me, count on dying and do what it takes not to die. Like when I went through my stuff, I wanted to die, I was in so much pain. I was so crippled by those fucking doctors and the drugs that I was crawling around on my elbows like a worm, and it was a miserable life and I was always in pain, severe back pain intestinal pain, leg pain. 

That's what they did to me, and I just chose that I would never go to them again. I'd rather die and the people who die on this diet die usually pretty pleasantly, they don't make it 

No, I wouldn't say that entirely because some people feel they have to do it. It is my approach that I would never do it, never. When it's my time to go, I'll go, but most people who are on this diet and have cancer reverse it because they haven't had chemo and radiation. I'll tell you, now that I've been working since the books been published and people who've had chemo and radiation and surgery, the reversal rate is way down to about 60% and I'm not even 5 years yet. So, it could go down to 50, 40%, still better than the medical profession because theirs is around 11 to 17% after five years.  


I remember one time you shared that if people did nothing at all... 


76% reverse on their own, but that was back in the forties, fifties, and sixties. We have about a 4,200 more chemicals. We're exposed to a lot more contamination. So, the rate I would say probably 60% would naturally reverse it if people did nothing cause cancers like a flu. It's a collection of dead cells. 

Once your liver gets working again makes you proper solvents to dissolve the dead cells. Your body doesn't collect them anymore. There's no tumors. We've reversed. 

Oh, yeah. Yeah. Most people go through cancer three or four or five times in their life and never know it and since they don't know it, never have a problem with it, they're never diagnosed and there's no harm. When you go to the doctor, let me tell you, they're trained to terrorize you and they do. 

No way, you know how fast the FDA would come down on me. 

Yeah. I would definitely recommend that she does the fecal matter, definitely. 

Well, it's so small, it's not enough for her. Not in a situation like that. 


Do you have to have half a pound? 


Well, no, I recommended she had an ounce every day for five days off, six days on five days, and then maybe three months later doing it again and seeing how it does. She may even need it more. She keeps metastasizing. 


Can people do it even if they don't have cancer? 


Certainly because almost everybody has cancer, it's just not detected yet. 

No, because then you'll damage bacteria, kill the bacteria. 

Let me tell you, if you like overcooked broccoli mixed with brussels sprouts, you would love it, that would make me vomit. 


Could you hypnotize someone to believe they're eating something delicious? 


You do that against the law. You could get in trouble for practicing psychology without a license. Talk to this man about that. 

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